The purpose of supervision is to provide counselling and psychotherapy practitioners with a space in which to stand back and gain perspective on their work. It offers a confidential place where work can be explored, development identified and collegial support found.

Supervision is a necessity for all psychological therapists in order to comply with BACP and UKCP requirements.

As a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst I offer supervision for trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists of varying modalities. I also supervise other healthcare professionals.
I have a comprehensive understanding of the BACP Ethical Framework.

Individual supervision

This provides a private space to assess and support your ongoing client work, concerns and development.

Group supervision

This offers a shared and rich diversity of support and exploration. This can be achieved through joining an existing group of professionals at a similar level of qualification, or gathering together a group of peers.

When considering supervision you may wish to join a group of diversely orientated practitioners, or those from a similar school.

For further information on current individual and group supervision availability please go to latest news and workshops.



I currently teach Transactional Analysis theory at various institutions and conferences around the UK. I have taught humanistic theories at Eastleigh College on their Dip HE Counselling for five years.

In addition I have experience of devising and delivering theoretical workshops with a largely creative and experiential focus for students or those interested in experiencing different aspects of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and Counselling. 

For further information on current workshops or conferences please go to latest news and workshops.

Psychological awareness training

I create and facilitate workshops tailored to professionals and support staff working in the helping professions.

These workshops are intended to develop individual and group awareness of general psychological illnesses and well being.

The workshops range from basic introductions through to strategic development of care for small, medium or large-scale groups. The workshops are designed with you and for you, and delivered to ensure all your objectives are met.

Topics can range from depression, stress and anxiety to grief, trauma and enduring illnesses. Ask for what you’d like to explore with your company.

The workshops are bespoke, interactive, good fun and educational with a clear aim of being self-directed, i.e. the knowledge is generated by the attendees, with support and clarity added by the facilitator. They can be delivered as a one-off event or part of a series.

For more information or to make an inquiry, please contact me by email or call me on 07976 605949. All enquiries are confidential.


My experience of working with clients includes a wide range of issues. These relate to: