If L S Lowry were painting today – what would we see?


                                                                                                            L S Lowry


I was recently told  by a good friend of mine who is a teacher of food in schools that the government intends on axing #Food ALevel from the curriculum. I hope Sue won’t mind me saying that she’s in her mid 50’s and head of a department at an all girls independent school. She cut her metaphorical teeth at some challenging inner city state schools from the early 80’s onwards, and from then to this day she knows what her students are reading, listening to and wearing. At a time when I might be saying ‘turn that racket down’ or ‘are you really going out in that?’, she’s full of the latest and greatest on the youth scene.  Her passion for them and food has created thousands of well-informed young people’s interest in a healthy diet: the buying, storage, preparation and cooking of meals that will then inform these women’s lives and the lives of those who they bring into the world.

Today I read the article in The Guardian 17th August 2015
‘Huge rise in UK diabetes cases threatens to bankrupt NHS, charity warns’, and I am reflecting on the link between these two national news stories.


This is no surprise to me. Nor should it be to anyone who looks around them.

#Obesity and #overeating are a national concern, and something that effects many clients who engage in therapy with me.  I have worked with those presenting with issues related to both  #Type I and #Type II Diabetes. They are very different, and yet for both they are fundamentally about a physical health condition that can seriously effect their quality of life,  and so their mental health. As #Jung suggested, the body is the bridge between the mind and the soul.

When Lowry was painting, his images reflected the stark reality of life in North East England. Manchester was portrayed as a cold place, with thin people and bleak expectations. When I look at his images I can almost feel the hunger of his Swinton subjects.  So what would Lowry paint today?

In 2015 england, our afflictions are more likely from too much choice and a desire to feed ourselves beyond our bodies need. Bizarrely our bodies  create a backlash; they start to attack us back. Enough they cry.

So where to from here?

Certainly it is my experience that shifts happen when clients start to take seriously their relationship with their bodies.  This often comes through understanding our unconscious beliefs about our bodies. And/or our relationship with food, along with some confusing internal messages between our minds and our physical selves. In becoming conscious we can choose how we want to proceed, and understand the choices we have.

#Diabetes Types I and II are certainly manageable where there is a good Adapted Child – hence the success of multi million pound companies like Weight Watchers. However there are also lasting results found where clients develop good access to Parent, Adult and Child Ego States, and realise they have options.

The governments Why Weight initiative has some benefits, but like many short term approaches it doesn’t get close to the stronger psychological problems that have led to #obesity, or #maturity-onset diabetes. Or both!  And the cost of #bariatric surgery is high with some serious health implications, not least as many have found ways of  continuing to overeat at an even higher risk to their health.

It’s my belief more is needed to be done by us as individuals to understood how we get to this position in the first place. And certainly a stronger and more powerful message is needed in the early education of our children to help us combat this tidal wave of ill health.

So I’m all for keeping A Level Food. Indeed with todays news surely there is  an argument to make it compulsory.

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    Helen Davies 12th November 2015


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    helen 23rd December 2015


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      Patience 15th May 2016

      argadsan l tydii… taitgaruulj ch.gaduieea.. manaihaar jijuurlen shinelj bgaad tun ih bayrlajiin ajil muutai ezegte minii martagdah shahsan geriin toos shoroog urgeegeed, ungiig ni sergeegeed… uneheer ih bayrlalaa uujimaa

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      Oh, good luck to you Barbara, as an American I definitely don’t envy you Texas. Entrenched politics… no prisoners warfare about them. Really, good luck. You might find the west coast (I hope) a little easier about these things. But yeah, Americans in general sometimes have a hard time not taking it all personally. They think that having conviction requires that of them. Sad mistake.

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      http://www./ 1st March 2017

      Hey, that’s powerful. Thanks for the news.

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