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#Psychotherapy and #Supervision are about creating #Simplicity from complex thoughts, feelings or behaviours.

#Psychotherapy may be feared: but what’s to fear? Supporters which include Alain De Botton and The School of Life, often advocate therapy as an emotional ‘check-up’ or ‘MOT’, a bit like you might go to the doctors for a physical check-up.

Here is a quote from The School of Life, which might shine a light on why Psychotherapy and Supervision (a super-view) may be useful and necessary.

“We’re discovering the big meaning of simplicity in our lives. In the past, there were times when no one wanted simplicity. Few people had enough, stimulation was in short supply, dull routine was the norm. Simplicity could look like deprivation, boredom or lack of opportunity. Now it’s so different. We’ve got too much to do, we’re constantly assailed by demands and offers, we’re brought up against too much complexity all the time. We’re realising we positively need simplicity: it’s a guide to a better life. Simplicity is in short supply. We need a lot more of it.”         The School of Life

For the full article, go to:  www.thebookoflife.org/simplicity

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